The Hamptons Baby Co.

Keys to Safety

Baby Proofing Peace of Mind.

Hamptons Baby Corner Guards, Baby Proofing Doors

Corners. Edges. Cabinets. Your home is full of potential threats to an active baby. For while things like learning to crawl and learning to walk are beautiful milestones in your baby’s young life, they also present a whole new world of catastrophes waiting to happen—if you haven’t properly baby-proofed your home.


Safety + Security.

Hamptons Baby corner guards protect edges and corners of your counters and furniture, while Hamptons Baby safety locks secure cabinets and drawers so your little one doesn’t get mixed up with dangerous chemicals and sharp objects.


Elegant and Translucent.

Our modern design is fashionable and unobtrusive, blending into the background in a way that ugly foam and rubber safety products can’t possibly compare.


Adaptable to You.

These handy guards and safety locks aren’t just for babies. Perfect for furniture moving, high-traffic areas and assisted living situations, there are countless creative ways to put Hamptons Baby safety products to good use.


Easy Install. No tools necessary.

All Hamptons Baby corner guards, edge guards and safety straps come with strong double-sided adhesive, adhering to almost any regular surface.


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