The Hamptons Baby Co.

Our Story

It took two sisters, 3 babies & one great idea to create "The Hamptons Baby Co".
One day when we were planning Jennifer's daughters Birthday party the idea of a baby products company ignited and its been burning brightly ever since!
We decided to team up and create a high-quality baby products company thats affordable but also trendy!  We noticed that most baby products and brands were a little overly "baby designed" our homes, cars, and lives were covered in baby pink giraffes, butterflies and tons of mismatching obnoxiously over-designed products that made our lives look cluttered.

We started with our first product, the organic cotton Bandana
bibs and quickly expanded! 
Here is a 30 sec video that we made in order to share "Our Mission" for this company! 
Here's a photo of us (with the addition of another one of our sisters,
the one who actually inspired the name of our company)
This photo was taken behind the scenes at our first ever professional
photoshoot for our company! 
(Right to left Kristy Thompson, Jennifer Block, Nicole Thompson)

The house where we did this photoshoot was absolutely stunning
and was so much fun to watch as magic happened
and our products came to life!

Our Company Name
Located on the exclusive East End of Long Island,
The Hamptons have represented refined excellence and the comfort
of quality and security for more than 120 years.
(below is our favorite house in The Hamptons)
To be honest, we don’t live in the Hamptons...mostly only big time Celebrities and tech billionaires live here. We’re a small company built by two sisters trying to change the baby product world. But there is a story behind the name that motivates every one of our decisions and inspires everything we do
to craft our products and get them delivered to your door.

Our oldest sister would always dress her son in the most adorable nautical style clothes,
like a true gentleman and Kristy shouts " He's a Hamptons Baby" and BAM!
In a flash we knew, that was going to be our company name. 
Below are the 3 babies that inspired us the entire way.
It all started when sisters Jenny and Nicole were looking for baby products one day, and they discovered that the most practical items weren’t always the most stylish.They realized something that day: You shouldn’t have to live in the Hamptons to raise your child with elegant, high-quality items.
That’s why we formed the Hamptons Baby Company: to bring the exclusive craftsmanship and luxury of the Hamptons to you and your child.
You want your child to have the best. More importantly, you want your child to be safe and secure. We know that parents are right to be concerned about the safety of their children, and they want the best quality for their kids.
Why settle for anything less than the best in comfort, culture and confidence? Why can’t a corner guard be both durable and elegant? It shouldn’t require a compromise.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback. We’d love to hear from you!


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