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The "Perfect" Mother


The Perfect Mother does not exist!

We all do our best very single day, there is no instruction manual to raising children and even if there was one....It wouldn't work.

It wouldn't work because every child is as unique as their finger print.
Do not give in to the social pressure of being "perfect" and do not subject yourself to comparison! 

All children require different emotional and physical needs, different types of discipline, structure, and methods of teaching. Babies are complex and the complexity never stops, it only changes into new forms of complexity as they mature.

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It is not your job to be perfect....

but IT IS your job to find out how they need to be nurtured based on THEM and THEIR needs, Its never about what they WANT its about what THEY NEED. 
Usually the things we want are the worst for us(i.e Cookies & staying up past bedtime). 
The things we need are the things that enable us to grow and be better then we were yesterday.(like making them go to bed earlier than they want, or being the one who has to tell them they cant have another cookie)  Doing what is needed is sometimes difficult & uncomfortable.
All your job entails is discovering their needs and providing them to the best of your abilities."The best of your abilities" may vary day to day, or even hour to hour, but if you are giving it your everything ....then that is as perfect as it comes!
Love (twice for good measure)
Keep is simple, Don't over-complicate, Don't worry too much, Relax and appreciate the beauty in every day, every breath, every cry, and every laugh because everything is temporary. The bad is only temporary and good is only temporary so never forget to enjoy NOW!


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