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Teething Remedies Made Simple

Teething Remedies Made Simple

The teething stage for babies can be one of the toughest parts of the beginning phases of parenting.

Teething can cause a whole slew of things that as mothers, I do not need to beat into your head!

Here is the basic Solution, 

  • Cold Contact
  • Compression
  • The combination of the two. Cold compress (best of the 3)

Its a simple as this. Although it is simple...that does not make it easy by any means.  Many companies will try to sell you many different toys, food freezing items, and amber necklaces to try to fill the need and sell you on something. These little things can be great but don't get carried away:

  • Cold Apple sauce(If eating solids and isn't allergic of course)
  • A wet frozen wash cloth(place over your finger or just let them chew on it)
  • Same wet cloth but instead of water use chamomile tea to wet the cloth before freezing
  • Frozen fruit in a mesh feeding bag
  • Food grade silicone teether toys can be wonderful when you can be great for hands free
  • Food grade silicone baby gum massagers that slip over your finger(not necessary but has added massaging benefits)


There are some Homeopathic tablets that can help but again that is something I will not personally recommend because that is a personal preference regarding homeopathic

Since your baby cannot tell you where the pain is coming from, you may need to refer to the teething chart below.

Think about it like this, If you lower back is hurting, you go to see a masseuse and you cannot tell her where your back is hurting.... she just has to guess.

Do you think she is going to be able to massage the right spot to relieve the pain?

...not really, maybe a little. But if you could show her a diagram she would be able to do a much better job.

And that is precisely the Aim of this chart. Find out where exactly the pain is coming from and attempt to soothe the correct spot.

You will need to be very aware of WHERE the tooth is coming in, If you know where the pain is coming from then you can try to be more accurate when applying cold compression or just massaging the gums with your clean finger.

Do not move around to quickly, try massaging a very small area for about 15 seconds before moving to the next spot, if the fussiness doesn't seem to be alleviated  then  you may need to try another side.

if you move around the mouth to fast you will not be able to see wheat works and what does not work. Remember to check the chart frequently because where it is hurting one week it may not be hurting the 



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