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Summer Activities To Do With Your Baby!

Summer Activities To Do With Your Baby!

Just because you feel like you are spending each precious moment of the day caring for your infant doesn't mean that come summer you are obligated to stay indoors and continue doing so. There are many activities you can engage in with your infant that will not only get you out of the house but also help expand your child's world. Here are 7 summer activities you can enjoy with your little one:

1. Visit the Zoo
Children take a very early interest in moving, living things and this encompasses the animal kingdom as well as fellow human beings. Pack your little one into a stroller and cruise around the zoo. If you want to be more budget conscious, visit a pet store. Both activities are a great opportunity for your baby to take notice of the living things around them!

2. Make a Splash
Head to a local pool, splash pad or invest in a small wading pool for the backyard. Babies love to splash! You can amp up the fun by giving baby some cups to pour with or making floating toys out of cut up pool noodles. Make sure you are always taking safety precautions and never leave your child unattended around water.

3. Go Local
Check out the local farmer's markets. What a great opportunity to expose baby to new sights, sounds and smells! Most markets are large and stroller friendly.

4. Check Out the Library
Most libraries host baby groups or offer baby reading programs. If not, then simply taking your child to the library and browsing through books is a great activity. Not only are you encouraging their developmental health, but it's a great way to beat the heat too!

5. Take a Walk in Nature
Strap your baby to your front and take a walk on a nature trail! The fresh air will be of benefit to the both of you and who knows what kinds of critters you'll see on your hike.

6. Pack a Picnic
Pack a picnic and spend some time on the grass with your little one. Let baby roll around or take a nap in the summer warmth. Take a book and get caught up on your reading...and relax!

7. Hit the Beach
Nothing equates to summer fun like a day at the beach! Pack up a lunch, bring some shade and throw baby into the cutest swimsuit! If you have one of those small, plastic infant tubs, bring that along as well. This way, baby can lie comfortably and splash around in the sun!

REMEMBER when you take your little one out on a summer adventure to always keep them out of direct sunlight, keep them cool and keep them hydrated. They do not yet know how to show you that they are getting dehydrated so you will typically find they will become very fussy when they start feeling too hot and needing nourishment!

What are you and your baby doing this summer? We would love to know some of your favorite summer activities, tell us in the comment below!


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