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Sugar-free Halloween!

Sugar-free Halloween!
Growing up my parents were anti-sugar. I remember deserts being made with honey instead of refined sugar and even those tasty treats were for special occasions.

I remember going to the orthodontist at 14 to get braces and proudly stating I'd never have a cavity! I have my parents and their brilliant ideas to thank for this. Think of all the money you'll save from dentist bills and..... a child climbing up the walls from sugar shock!

I am a parent now myself and I now have the task of helping my child navigate all the tasty and delicious sugar- ridden food today and most especially on Halloween!

On Halloween, let your child choose 5 pieces of candy they can have. (depending on their age) Then, purchase their remaining candy.  Depending on your budget, choose a price value for each piece such as a nickel or dime per piece of candy. Depending on your child's age, let them help you count and figure out how much money they will earn from selling their candy to you. (Lots of fun!)

I was one of 4 girls and I can tell you, ALL of us were excited to see how much money we made that night and very excited to visit the toy store with our newly earned cash!

Wishing you all a safe and wonder Halloween!!


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