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Green Smoothies Made Simple; Taking Care of Yourself

Green Smoothies Made Simple; Taking Care of Yourself

Eating Food for Energy as a New Mom

It’s hard to get energy as a new mom. You’re lacking sleep, you might not be eating right, and if you’re nursing you likely haven’t taken back up the caffeine habit.

No fear, Green Drinks are here!!
Thankfully, you can eat the right food and get more energy quickly.
  • Eat a Green Smoothie Every Day or at least 5 days a week!
    This is a great way to help with the fatigue and feeling of overwhelm. You will spend all day and all night taking care of your new baby but you need to make sure you take 15 minute out of each day and care your YOURSELF.
    This does not make you selfish, this is necessity, the better you feel the better mother you can be!
  • Green smoothies CAN be quick to make
We are not suggesting you spend 30 min freshly juicing vegetables because we all know this is not realistic as a new mom. Just throw some fruit and some baby spinach or broccoli into a blender and blend until smooth
pre chop your ingredients for green smoothie
  • Going the green mile even when you do not feel like it.
Although these smoothies may sound like the LAST thing you want to consume when your exhausted its exactly what your body is needing! In a time when your body has so many physical and emotional demands put on it, it is essential to replace those missing nutrients through nutrient rich whole-foods!
  •     Easiest when you plan ahead!
It is much easier to set out portions for the entire week instead of preparing daily.
Below we have some pictures to show you some easy ways to store your smoothie prep baggies.
Smoothie prep in mason jar
  • Breastfeeding is just as demanding on your body as pregnancy!
Believe it or not breast feeding actually might be slightly harder on your body then pregnancy. Not only is your body trying to find its new normal it is also trying to provide enough nutrition for a very rapidly growing baby! All the vitamins, minerals, fats, and antibodies are being made from your body! It is a draining and difficult time. Green smoothies help your body get all of the nutrients you need without having to strain your body in constantly digesting sold, fibrous foods so it can spend time repairing your body and creating milk for your baby.
There are so many incredible recipes all over the internet so I will not include many. Instead i included a cheat sheet which shows you a good foundation of how to put them together for fool proof smoothies and lots of variety!
Here is an amazing cheat sheet that makes it simple to make the best tasting, yet healthy smoothies!


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