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Mommy Emergency Purse Kit!

Mommy Emergency Purse Kit!
There is no “In Case of Emergency” quick-fix to making life as a Mother stress-free and manageable, but there are a few things you should ALWAYS keep in your purse(diaper bag) for when times get tough.

In a perfect world, we as mothers would be able to break open a glass case and flip a switch to calm our screaming toddlers, finish the mountains of laundry and have supper on the table by 6pm and take a shower all in the same day...but that doesn't always happen. With this list you will be able to keep major catastrophes at bay and feel like a Super Hero because, while nobody can be a "perfect" Mother, you can definitely be a "Prepared" one!

1. Baby approved lotions.
Nobody wants to function with dry hands, and this also can help soothe skin irritations and diaper rash in an emergency.
2. Mascara and Lip Gloss
Sometimes, when we feel sluggish and tired, thee little things that will make you feel beautiful and help bring your mood up a little bit!
3. Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer
The obvious poop, dirt, pee and vomit will get on your hands at some points, dirt and markers on their face. Be prepared for all messy things.
4. Chocolate
The point is to maintain your sanity, right? Give yourself some sweet relief from the chaos! Chocolate can also be referred to an "Adult Band-Aid"
5. A Brush or Comb and Hair Elastic
Sometimes it has to go up in a messy, greasy, lazy-person bun. It's okay, all Moms understand and support it!
6. Tissues
They will cry...You will cry, and then we will all need to blow our nose together afterwards.
7. Gum
Brushing your teeth may not have happened this morning but nobody has to fall victim to it!
8. Deodorant
You may get sweaty but likely you completely forgot to put it on, just keep an extra stick in every bag! Nothing is worse then chaos AND smelling bad...
9. Phone Charger
If you're in crisis, the last thing you want is to lose touch with the outside world, or being able to waste time online quietly as your baby sleeps on top of you!
10. Advil and REAL Band-Aids
You're going to get a headache, may as well nip it in the bud. Cuts, bruises, scrapes, and bumps are an everyday occasion with babies so NEVER leave home without a purse sized first aid kit. You may never use it...but you never want to NEED it and NOT have it!

What's the one emergency item you need to keep on hand?


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