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Basics of Baby Safety

Basics of Baby Safety
Safety safety safety!
Baby proofing your house can be such a daunting task! You can even hire someone to do it for you, from the simple door knob and outlet covers all the way to finger pinch preventing door stoppers there's a lot to learn and
choose from to help you keep your kid safe!
Each house and room have their own challenges to protect against, we recommend taking on one room at a time and making a checklist! 
Some of the major ones we've written about here can help you get started! 
  • Corners (and edges); one of the biggies... Pretty self explanatory. They get more dangerous the older your child gets! Cover them! In my house we eliminated the coffee table for awhile until my daughter was surefooted, but there are plenty more that you can't remove. 
  • Cabinets; we definitely recommend straps or locks, but we also recommend moving anything your child shouldn't get into (like chemicals or glass items up to your higher cabinets! Kids mimic what we do and eventually they'll figure out how you get those cabinets open! Better double safe, than sorry. Even if it's all natural (you still don't want them to swallow it) or plastic, if you don't want your kid in it for safety or just mess purposes put it up!
  • Eye level; look around the room for anything that is under 3 feet...that's right at eye level for your kid. Make sure that it is either cushioned or just not dangerous! You can watch your kid like a hawk but even a parent with lightening reflexes can't prevent all falls! Cushion the environment as best you can or remove the danger all together until you are confident with them around it!
  • Electrical sockets......yes, yes and yes...they even make ones for sockets in constant use that'll keep your brilliant child from unplugging and then exploring that outlet.
Obviously this just gets you started and good luck in your task!
Please let us know what area of concern you'd find! We are always on the look out for new areas we can help you protect!!


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