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Baby-Proofing Your Sharp Furniture Corners!

Baby-Proofing Your Sharp Furniture Corners!

There’s Only One Acceptable Way to Cut Corners!

Cutting corners is always seen as such a bad thing in life. Like when your husband said he’d clean the garage and you poked your head out there and discovered it indeed looked clean, to the untrained eye. Fast-forward a few days later when you went to get something out of the storage cabinets and an avalanche of everything that had been all over the garage came spilling out all over the place. 

That’s what most of us think of when it comes to cutting corners. But when it comes to corners in your home, they can actually cut you, if you’re a pint-sized being that is. As you rock your sweet baby in your arms, knowing one day he will be tearing through your home chasing the dog, count the corners in your home. Coffee tables, end tables, nightstands, shelves, dressers, countertops, dining tables, entertainment centers…the list goes on and on and as it does, so does the potential for injury. 

Head injuries are a scary thing. There’s nothing that will stop your heart faster than when you little one starts walking and takes a tumble, coming right into contact with a sharp corner. The damage it can do is absolutely frightening, whether it turns into a big lump on the head or starts bleeding and requires a trip to the emergency room for stitches. It’s every parents’ worst nightmare.

For years, they’ve made these foam bumpers you can put on pointy, pokey corners. The problem with those though is that they’re rather ugly. A better solution is choosing the clear corner protectors from The Hamptons Baby. Made from non-toxic medical-grade plastic, these babies are designed to keep your baby safe without detracting from your style.

These go on just as quickly as the foam ones but use a gel adhesive which won’t destroy your furniture once your kids are all grown and you don’t need to watch out for corners. You can use them on everything from marble to wood and metal to glass, though not recommended for painted, stained, or varnished surfaces that aren’t sealed.

There’s nothing like having complete peace of mind in your home. Because we all know little ones can get into trouble in seconds flat, using these clear corner protectors will put you at ease while you’re busy in the kitchen or even trying to use the bathroom by yourself just for once.

It doesn’t matter how good a parent you are. You can’t keep your eyes on your kids every second. They WILL get into stuff and they will run around when you tell them to walk. And they will fall down. Prevent the most serious injuries from those sharp corners and you’ll be less edgy overall, and so will your home.


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